Beston Barnett Design

fine custom furniture and woodworking


bchair800Welcome to Beston Barnett Design, my boutique woodworking shop for fine custom furniture. I design one-of-a-kind and short-run pieces mostly on commission, focusing on quality craftsmanship, solid wood, modern lines, and sometimes incorporating Arabic-, Asian-, or African-inspired motifs.

There are a few pieces available for sale here in the online portfolio.  For a listing, under “Projects” please click “FOR SALE” and contact me for prices.


In 1996, I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Harvey Mudd College in engineering and sculpture. As an engineer, I worked at IBM for four years, before leaving to pursue a career in the arts. While running Art Hurts Records – an independent music publisher – I attended the Cabinetry and Furniture Technology program at Palomar College, receiving awards from the Furniture Society, the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association, and the North County Woodworking Club.

After getting my professional certificate in 2011, I joined the small community of craftspeople at Studio 6608 in San Diego and began furniture-making full time. Though the majority of my work is made on commission, I have shown speculative pieces at juried international shows in California, Washington, and Illinois.


The design of each new piece of furniture is a balancing act. Form and function are of course on the tightrope, but also strength and lightness, wood grain and geometry, elegance and surprise.

Maybe the trickiest balance in my own work is between modern rigor and ornament.  I love the clean lines and paring down of the last half century, but I’m also fascinated by the world’s older decorative traditions.  Thus you’ll find a walnut slab pierced by Maori-inspired motifs, or a floating cube sheathed in 13th century Arabic carvings.

In the end, each piece is functional and must not only last a lifetime, but inspire a lifetime’s use.