Beston Barnett Design

fine custom furniture and woodworking

Al Uqueaa

12″x26″x2″ walnut, wenge, and mirror

This wall-hung piece plays with overlapping latticeworks based on Mamluk design from 13th century Egypt and animal forms. ‘Al Uqueaa’ is the Arabic transliteration of ‘the snake’.


Landworth Tables

diameters: 14-22″, heights: 15-19″, walnut and wenge

The client had this interesting idea for little coffee tables that could be huddled together or moved around the room, even sat on. The result is these seven tripod tables incorporating a single leg that comes through the top and a wenge butterfly key.

Landworth Sideboard

60″x20″x36″ walnut and wenge

An expanded reworking of an earlier design, this sideboard has three drawers with intricate latticework, two sliding doors, and a floating bookmatched top.

Dining Benches

38″x13″x19″ mahogany and vinyl leather

These mahogany benches – with floating cushions, sculpted curves, and playful latticework – seat two comfortably for dinner.