Beston Barnett Design

fine custom furniture and woodworking

Zebra Box

9″x6″x5″, claro walnut, bird’s-eye maple, wenge, zebrawood, and willow

With its inner tray and quirky use of willow twigs, this jewelry box made the perfect wedding gift for a friend.

Piano Desk

58″x18″(widening to 32″)x32″, walnut

Nested solid walnut tables allow an electronic piano to be pulled from underneath a desk.

Maori Lamp

11″x17″x33″, walnut and antique milk glass

The reef-like sculptural quality of this large table lamp was inspired by the carved prow of a Maori canoe.


67″x36″x18″, maple ply skateboard decks, CFL bulbs

A chandelier made of skateboards, with light bulbs for wheels.

Floating Light Box

19″x5″x18″, walnut and acrylic shoji paper

The diffuse light of this table lamp is reminiscent of dawn seen through Japanese shoji.

Mulan Lamp

18″x26″x80″, walnut and linen lampshade

Named for my friend Jeff’s daughter’s favorite Disney heroine, this tall floor lamp combines mid-century lines, Asian joinery, and adjustable height.

Acacia Chair

22″x21″x36″, black acacia and faux leather.

This arm-less modern chair is the twin of my Mahogany Chair.  A light, practical chair, it was very much inspired by the design of Hans Wegner.

Ruben’s Cabinet

36″x20″x46″, maple and maple ply

A simple craftsman-style entertainment center has glass doors and a large soft-close drawer for DVDs.


20″x20″x15″, walnut and zebrawood

With three large drawers, six small drawers, and a “lazy susan” bearing that allows it to spin 360 degrees, the “Beehive” is both a sculptural marvel and a clever solution for desktop storage.


Desk and Cabinet

61″x33″x29″, walnut, tamo ash, and birch ply

This asymmetric desk features a bookmatched solid top, long drawers and hanging file folders, an extendable keyboard shelf, and beautiful exposed joinery.

Printer Stand

16″x17″x24″, walnut, tamo ash, and birch ply

This solid walnut printer stand combines exposed joinery, modern lines, and a practical layout for storing paper and supplies.

Mahogany Chair

22″x21″x36″, mahogany and faux leather

This arm-less modern chair is the twin of my Acacia Chair.  A light, practical chair, it was very much inspired by the design of Hans Wegner.

Bookmatched Table

43″x22″x19″, walnut

Coffee table made from a single board of Black Walnut. The top is “bookmatched” for matching grain pattern on both sides, and the shape of the top follows the revealed sapwood.


Dragon Coffee Table

56″x22″x18″, Carolina cherry and mahogany

This sculptural table balances natural and rectilinear elements with a cantilevered structure.

Moorish Necklace Box

10″x5″x”15″, walnut, zebrawood, and mirror

With a decorative latticework front inspired by Moorish designs, this box opens up like an exotic book of necklaces.


Maple Island

44″x24″x37″, rock maple

This kitchen island has a butcher block top, sculpted legs, and a short apron to allow stools underneath.

Dragon Chandelier

74″x40″x31″, walnut, red gum, and pendant lamps from EQ Light

Whimsical bent walnut and lamps like weird hanging fruit are offset by a rectilinear gumwood fixture.