Beston Barnett Design

fine custom furniture and woodworking

Arab Spring #2

13″x14″x21″  cherry, bleached alder, cocobolo, latex paint, and white wax

The “Arab Spring” series incorporates Egyptian geometries and grafitti-inspired calligraphy, allowing me to experiment with more relief work on the CNC router. I was so happy with my original three-drawer piece  that I decided to make another with a few changes: cherry wood and bleach to lighten the overall effect and a bottom shelf for magazines.


Arab Spring

21″x14″x13″, walnut, tamo ash, dye, graphite

This piece was a commission in which the client let me run wild. Playing with the Egyptian geometries I’ve been interested in, and adding some grafitti-inspired calligraphy allowed me to experiment with more relief work on the CNC router. The idea for a floating black cube was very much inspired by the Kaaba in Mecca.

Kufic Boxes #1 and #2

9″x9″x4″, walnut and upholstery

The maze-like carvings on these jewelry boxes are an ancient form of Arabic calligraphy: they repeat the word for “jewelry” 14 times.

Mamluk Box

20″14″x9″, walnut, wenge, tamo ash, and upholstery

This large two-tiered jewelry box displays latticework based on that found in a Mamluk mosque in Cairo dating from the 13th century.

Zebra Box

9″x6″x5″, claro walnut, bird’s-eye maple, wenge, zebrawood, and willow

With its inner tray and quirky use of willow twigs, this jewelry box made the perfect wedding gift for a friend.

Moorish Necklace Box

10″x5″x”15″, walnut, zebrawood, and mirror

With a decorative latticework front inspired by Moorish designs, this box opens up like an exotic book of necklaces.