Beston Barnett Design

fine custom furniture and woodworking

Arab Spring #2

13″x14″x21″  cherry, bleached alder, cocobolo, latex paint, and white wax

The “Arab Spring” series incorporates Egyptian geometries and grafitti-inspired calligraphy, allowing me to experiment with more relief work on the CNC router. I was so happy with my original three-drawer piece  that I decided to make another with a few changes: cherry wood and bleach to lighten the overall effect and a bottom shelf for magazines.

Kufic Boxes #1 and #2

9″x9″x4″, walnut and upholstery

The maze-like carvings on these jewelry boxes are an ancient form of Arabic calligraphy: they repeat the word for “jewelry” 14 times.

Mamluk Box

20″14″x9″, walnut, wenge, tamo ash, and upholstery

This large two-tiered jewelry box displays latticework based on that found in a Mamluk mosque in Cairo dating from the 13th century.

Maori Lamp

11″x17″x33″, walnut and antique milk glass

The reef-like sculptural quality of this large table lamp was inspired by the carved prow of a Maori canoe.

Floating Light Box

19″x5″x18″, walnut and acrylic shoji paper

The diffuse light of this table lamp is reminiscent of dawn seen through Japanese shoji.

Dragon Coffee Table

56″x22″x18″, Carolina cherry and mahogany

This sculptural table balances natural and rectilinear elements with a cantilevered structure.