Beston Barnett Design

fine custom furniture and woodworking

Monkey Tail Desk

45″x22″x59″, walnut ply

This fun, compact desk – with its book cubbies, pencil slot, hinged top, and built-in “monkey tail” lamp – was cut out, joints and all,  from one and a half sheets of walnut ply on a CNC router.


Maori Lamp

11″x17″x33″, walnut and antique milk glass

The reef-like sculptural quality of this large table lamp was inspired by the carved prow of a Maori canoe.


67″x36″x18″, maple ply skateboard decks, CFL bulbs

A chandelier made of skateboards, with light bulbs for wheels.

Floating Light Box

19″x5″x18″, walnut and acrylic shoji paper

The diffuse light of this table lamp is reminiscent of dawn seen through Japanese shoji.

Mulan Lamp

18″x26″x80″, walnut and linen lampshade

Named for my friend Jeff’s daughter’s favorite Disney heroine, this tall floor lamp combines mid-century lines, Asian joinery, and adjustable height.

Dragon Chandelier

74″x40″x31″, walnut, red gum, and pendant lamps from EQ Light

Whimsical bent walnut and lamps like weird hanging fruit are offset by a rectilinear gumwood fixture.